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The Cycling Tyres refers to bicycle tyres, designed to provide traction, cushioning and rolling resistance. Bicycle tyres can vary in size, design and composition depending on the type of bicycle and the style of cycling for which they are intended. There are different types of cycling tyres for each type of cycling. The road tyres are specifically designed for road bikes and the MTB tyres are intended for use on MTB bikes.

Cycling tyres come in a variety of sizes that correspond to the wheel diameter of the bicycle. The most common wheel sizes include 26 inch, 27.5 inch and 29 inch for mountain bikes, and 28 inch for road bikes. The width of the tyre is also important and may vary according to the type of bike and cycling style. Wider tyres provide greater comfort and stability but may increase rolling resistance. Road bikes tend to have narrower tyres to reduce aerodynamic drag, while mountain bikes may have wider tyres for better traction and shock absorption on rough terrain.

The pressure of bicycle tyres should be adjusted according to the rider's weight, tyre type and the terrain to be ridden on to optimise performance and comfort. Pressure specifications are usually printed on the side of the cover. Maintaining proper pressure is essential for traction, puncture resistance and durability. Road tyres require a higher pressure than MTB tyres.

There are cycling tyres that feature Tubeless technology, which eliminates the need for inner tubes in the tyres. Instead of inner tubes, Tubeless tyres are mounted directly on sealed rims and inflated with liquid sealants. By eliminating inner tubes, Tubeless technology significantly reduces the possibility of punctures caused by sharp objects such as thorns or sharp stones. The liquid sealant inside the tyre automatically seals small punctures.

There are several brands recognised in the cycling industry that manufacture high-quality bicycle tyres. Continental is a brand known for producing high-quality tyres for a wide range of cycling disciplines, including road, mountain and cyclo-cross. Schwalbe is a German brand that specialises in bicycle tyres for everything from road tyres to mountain tyres. Schwalbe is known for its puncture protection technology. Michelin is another brand known for its car tyres, but also produces high-quality road and mountain bike tyres.

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