Since the company Vermarcsport showed its first garments for the world of cycling in 1977, countless meters of fabric have left the company in Rotselaar, Belgium. Its founder Frans Verbeeck founded the brand more than 35 years ago after having put an end to his successful career as a professional cyclist. Vermarc , named after his son Marc Verbeeck, began to grow very fast and is now one of the brands that more professional teams has dressed in recent years.

It was in his garage in Rotselaar that Frans and his wife Angèle began stamping acrylic fibers and wool. The system they used in those days were velvet letters. It was in Italy where they first met the technique of sublimation and moved it to Rotselaar and in cooperation with the University of Leuven they developed their own production process and after four months of hard work they reached the desired level of quality. Since then Vermarc is the pioneer brand of modern cloth printing. Nowadays, this technique has reached such a high and advanced level that only ecological and water-based inks are used.

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