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Do you want to know more about vibrating platforms?

Working with a vibrating platform improves strength, balance and postural control, and increases muscle power and flexibility. In addition, blood circulation is activated, increasing lymphatic reflux and contraction of connective and muscular tissue that favors the elimination of toxins and adipose tissue in certain parts of the body.

The vibratory platforms transmit vibrations with a certain frequency and amplitude that provoke a contraction of the musculature, subjecting the muscle to a stress to which it must adapt. It is very important to keep in mind that not everything that vibrates has toning or slimming powers. The vibration must have a certain frequency and with a certain amplitude so that the receptors located in the skin, the tendons and the ligaments take the vibration as a movement to which they must adapt, directly affecting the muscular response.

You can tone or lose weight with a vibrating platform but for training with the vibrating platform to have a toning or slimming power, two essential conditions must be met: it must contract the muscles and subject the muscle to enough stress to cause subsequent adaptation, since that if there is no such stress, there is no need for adaptation.

Some of the effects produced by a vibration platform are the toning of the muscles or the elimination of cellulite. Another great advantage is the readaptation of the metabolic system as it also happens when we practice sports, which entails several positive adaptations that include our hormonal system. That is to say, the hormonal benefits of sports are made available to a sedentary person. In addition, it is proving that the platforms are very useful in the destruction of fat cells that store a lot of fats (triglycerides). Naturally, in order to eliminate cellulite, in addition to destroying these fat cells, a controlled diet must also be followed.

To note results, you can perform 3 weekly workouts of approximately 15 minutes, without the need to use large work overloads.

Here are some of the benefits of training with a vibrating platform.

- sport: the vibratory platform improves muscle tone, balance and body strength. Increase power, elasticity, performance, agility and coordination. Accelerates recovery after training and rehabilitation after injuries and operations. Relieves pain caused by muscle problems.

- health / beauty: the vibratory platform activates the blood circulation. Improves postural control. Reduces the production of stress hormones. It helps to lose weight. Fight cellulite. Increases the production of regenerative hormones.

- Seniors: the vibration platform improves the ability to walk and balance. Increase the level of energy and well-being. It helps prevent neuromuscular diseases such as Parkinson's and bone diseases such as Osteoporosis.

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