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The Victory Endurance product line has been designed to specifically cover the nutritional and energy needs of endurance and endurance athletes. Spending or caloric consumption if we talk about endurance disciplines (marathon, cycling, triathlon, etc.) can be triple or even higher compared to the expenditure or caloric consumption of sedentary people and double if compared to the rest of athletes. This means that if a sedentary person eats a steak, the athlete must take 2 and the endurance athlete 3, if a sedentary person must drink 1.5 liters of water per day, the athlete must drink 2.5 and the endurance athlete. or 6, etc., to cover your energy demand. That is, the endurance athlete has to eat at least twice as much protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

But many times, if not always, eating such amount of food is impossible, so it is very important to take adequate supplementation. This must be appropriate to the sport we practice, since it is not the same a Halterófilo that a marathon, its objectives are very different. That is why the Victory Endurance line has been designed to specifically cover the nutritional and energetic needs of sports and endurance athletes.

During the training phase, the innkeeper must receive a large caloric intake to cover the high energy expenditure associated with their physical activity. Your nutritional and energy needs are increased and vary depending on the discipline you perform. The abundant ingestion of liquids is also fundamental in this phase.

During the competition the diet must provide enough energy so that the body can develop physical activity properly and at the highest level. The needs vary depending on the intensity and duration of the test.

This is the phase in which everything that we have trained and how well we have fed come to light. But not for that reason we have to neglect ourselves. We must ensure a complete supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, essential for metabolic functions to be carried out correctly and, in addition, antioxidants will protect us against free radicals formed by the stress produced by competition and that can damage them to medium long term.

Finally, diet during the recovery phase helps the body recover from physical exertion and eliminate toxins produced during exercise. Most of the metabolic activity focuses on repairing muscle fibers and tendons that have been damaged during competition. In addition to replenishing the reserves of carbohydrates (glycogen) and proteins, the objective of these products is also to rehydrate the organism, in the most effective way.

The Victory Endurance line tries to cover all the specific needs of the athlete by offering a wide range of products that have been specially developed for each level of physical activity.

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