Victory Endurance Nature's Energy Bar Strawberry Flavour 60 g (1 unit)

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Victory Endurance Nature's Energy Bar with 33% oats and 43% fruit, without chocolate coating which makes it ideal for drinking during races and workouts. It is very digestible, full of energy in just 60 g and can serve as a supplement to breakfast or pre-competitive intake. Developed to ensure a durable and long lasting energy supply, with more than 55% of carbohydrates which are combined to avoid fatigue during training and competition. 

- Presentation: 1 bar of 60 grams
- Ingredients: 38% Wholegrain rolled oats, partially inverted refiners syrup, 15% sultana raisins (raisin, cottonseed Oil), 15% dried apple rings (dried apple, preservative: sulphur dioxide), 10% apricots (dried apricots, rice flour, preservative: sulphur dioxide), rapeseed oil, soluble corn fibre, 0.5% strawberry powder, flavouring. 
- Dosage & Usage: Take this healthy, natural and light snack before, during or after workout.
Reference: WVE-122303-1

Quick Overview

Energy bar with 43% real fruit and 33% oats. Without palm oil.

Quick Overview

Energy bar with 43% real fruit and 33% oats. Without palm oil.
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