Victory Endurance Recovery Bar 32% Whey Protein Lemon Yoghurt Flavour 35 g (Pack of 12)

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Victory Endurance Recovery Bar with 32% Whey protein ensuring a perfect recovery. Coated with crunchy biscuit and chocolate that makes it irresistible. In addition, it is fortified with a complete multivitamin complex which makes it a very healthy bar. Each bar contains 11.2 grams protein, 13.1 carbohydrates and 9.2 fat.

- Presentation: 12 bars of 35 grams
- Ingredients: Milk protein blend, milk chocolate coating (25.71%) (sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed-milk powder, cocoa mass, milk protein, anhydrous butter, emulsifier: soya-lecithin; natural vanilla flavouring), wheat flour, non hydrogenated vegetable fat, sugar, cocoa butter, dried banana powder (3.00%), fructose, skimmed-milk powder, emulsifier (soya-lecithin, E-476), flavouring, thickener (guar gum), raising agents (ammonium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate), vitamin complex and sweetener (sucralose).
- Dosage & Usage: Take 1-2 bars after exercise.
Reference: WVE-121199

Quick Overview

Delicious high quality wafer whey protein bar with milk chocolate coating.

Quick Overview

Delicious high quality wafer whey protein bar with milk chocolate coating.
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