W2W 500 ml Arnica Recovery Gel

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The Arnica Recovery Gel W2W 90 ml is based on the amino acid Glutamine, with arnica montana extract (analgesic effect) and harpagofito extract (anti-inflammatory effect), herbal and topical use, specially formulated to relax, relieve and reconstitute sore muscle areas or joints because of effort made at high intensity, produced by tensions, overloads, pulls, contractures, provides new energy. It contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and by its rubefacient power (stimulates blood circulation in the area where it is applied, thus reducing the formation of bruises). It produces a pleasant effect of resting the muscles that have performed intense physical activity. Glutamine plays an important role in helping recovery and can increase glycogen storage and hydrate muscle cells, increasing the volume of muscle cells and preventing cell catabolism, improves the regeneration process.

Product developed and studied by physiotherapists to shorten the recovery period and eliminate body fatigue in cross-country athletes, cycling, triathlon and athletics.

- It is used to produce a relaxing sensation of muscle tone
- Ideal for use after a few hours of intense training
- Apply directly to the skin with a light and gentle ascending massage until it is absorbed
- It is important to perform it in the direction of venous circulation
- Quantity: 500 ml
Reference: W2W-W2W7033

Quick Overview

Relieves discomfort caused by high intensity.

Quick Overview

Relieves discomfort caused by high intensity.
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