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W2W 90ml Cold Gel Recuperator

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The W2W Cold Gel Recuperato is based on the amino acid Taurine, with extracts of natural origin and proven effectiveness in the field of physiotherapy, its composition based on high concentrations of methyl salicylate, menthol and camphor. Fast and effective action of all types of muscle, joint, tightness, fatigue and overload pain. It also quickly removes waste such as lactic acid and ammonia that occur during exercise. Specially formulated for muscle recovery after intense exercise, it relieves and is beneficial for its recuperative, unattainable and discharge function. Taurine is very effective in reducing the accumulation of lactic acid which improves recovery, its antioxidant activity and its cellular protection properties reduce muscle fatigue caused by exercise. In addition, taurine also increases the volume of muscle cells and helps the conversion of glycogen into glucose, which is the most important fuel for muscles. It contains properties of local anesthetic, antiflogistic, balsamic and rubefacient.

- Produces a pleasant effect of heat and cold and gives rest to the muscles that have performed an intense physical activity
- Indicated to shorten the recovery period in cross-country athletes, cycling, triathlon and athletics
- Excellent muscle recuperator to activate blood circulation
- Promotes recovery
- Quantity: 90 ml
Reference: W2W-W2W7020

Quick Overview

Fast and effective in muscle aches.

Quick Overview

Fast and effective in muscle aches.
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