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Walkie Talkies

Do you want to know more about walkie talkies?

Walkie talkies are electronic devices that are used to transmit and receive spoken messages. They are portable communicators that have a half-duplex channel, that is, although the message can be heard by several walkie talkies simultaneously, only one can transmit. Until you press the switch that starts and ends the transmission, another message can not be sent from another device.

Walkie talkies are characterized by being small, rectangular-shaped devices, having an antenna that protrudes from the top of the device, and a high-power speaker, which can be heard in any environment. With the new technologies, in addition, they can have up to 8km of range, in the most optimal environmental conditions. They are sold in packs of two and usually carry a battery charger to recharge the devices at home.

These transmitters-receivers are essential for all those athletes who practice outdoor activities and perform long distance routes or with the possibility of loss. Above all cyclists and runners use them for mountain roads, where they are accompanied by at least one person and its difficulty is so high that there may be risk of loss.

It is very important to be well equipped when you are going to perform sports on routes or roads with risk of loss with devices such as walkie talkies or GPS locators , to be found quickly and return to the road.

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