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Do you want to know more about water bottles and bottle cages?

Water bottles and bottle cages are an essential accessory for any mountain or road bike, as it is very important for cyclists to stay well hydrated and consume energy.

To transport fluids there is nothing better than having a pair of bottle cages on the frame of your bike or carrying a hydration pack. The main advantage of bottle cages is that they are more economical than hydration packs and, if you do not cycle regularly, they are the best option to carry water or energy drinks. If you are an expert cyclist and usually do long distances, it is advisable to get a hydration pack and even water bottles, since on a hot day your body can lose litres of water and as we said at the beginning, it is very important to maintain a good hydration during physical effort.

During a cycle water sources can often be found, which can be used to fill your containers with fresh water when possible. We recommend you carry energy sachets in your backpack or saddle bag so that when you fill up your water bottles from a fountain or stream you can add these so it becomes an energy drink to help you perform at your best.

Opinions featured in Cycling Water Bottles & Bottle Cages

Elite Fly Dimension Data Water Bottle 550 ml
decent bottles
great quality good seal when closed
Anonomous user, the 4 December 2018
Elite Vico Carbon bottle cage matte green
firm grip on bottle good for cobbeled rides
high quality well priced
Anonomous user, the 4 December 2018

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