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For more than 70 years Joe Weider, "Trainer of Champions", and the Weider brand has trained people from all over the world on bodybuilding, fitness, health and healthy living. Creator of Mr. and Ms. Olympia, Fitness and Figure Olympia, his name is maintained thanks to an impressive record of successes. From the beginning in 1936, athletes, coaches and sports scientists from around the world have taken advantage of Weider's vision of training, nutrition and regeneration.

Founded sixty years ago by Ben and Joe Weider, Weider Nutrition has gone from being a family business to becoming one of the world's leading multinationals in nutritional supplements for sports. In addition to covering five continents, this more than half century of operation has made the Weider brand synonymous with trust and quality.

The philosophy of Joe Weider has always been to give the maximum quality and that is why the Joe Weider Research Team represents the highest in research and development both in the United States and in Germany. The control of raw materials as well as production and packaging processes is taken care of to the maximum.

Weider's commitment is to support the effort of athletes and sports enthusiasts with high-level products created from the most advanced scientific research. All its components are natural and do not contain chemicals or medicines. The Weider product range is a magnificent auxiliary tool for the athlete, athlete, bodybuilder, or practitioner of any physical activity, to achieve their highest goals.

Quality and innovation are combined with production standards based on the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations, which guarantees that Weider supplements maintain high levels of efficiency without compromising the well-being or health of their consumers.

In addition, our company supports a clean sport without prohibited substances in the practice of it, which is called "No doping" or doping free.

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