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Bodybuilding in fitness can be done with a variety of weights and machines that can vary quite their price. The best known by all and we can have at home are the typical dumbbells or dumbbells with which you can do a variety of exercises for muscle especially for the upper body. In a similar way you can use kettlebells that are special weights with a small handle to make different exercises very complete.

However, if what you prefer is muscle in the area of ??the legs and buttocks, we recommend you look at the following link of the steppers , with which you can do very fun and animated exercises in front of the TV or good music accompaniment.

Other options for more specific muscular areas of the body are fitness machines or vibrating platforms . With these platforms you can do different exercises to tone up your whole body, you can do push-ups, squats or just stand on the platform while you watch your favorite program.

Finally, if you want to exercise in your terrace or garden, there is nothing better than the structures and racks, are some structures with bars with which you can do different exercises using your own body weight.

Opinions featured in Weights & Strength Training

O'LIVE Hexagonal Dumbbells 8 kg (pair)
Great quality
Very functional
Softee Urethane Olympic Disc 5 kg Black
Twisted Firestarter
A very good product.
Softee Urethane Olympic Disc 2.5 kg Black
Battlestar Galactica
Good piece of equipment.
O'LIVE 28 kg Iron Kettlebell Black Orange
Great kettlebell
a very decent product.
O'LIVE Hexagonal Dumbbells 6 kg (pair)
Solid set of Dumbells
Perfect for the job.
Finnlo Smartlock Dumbbell 32 kg (pair)
They only shipped 1 dumbbell.
Just received my order, but they only shipped one dumbbell. Awful customer experience. Will probably request a return. Solo he recibido una pesa de el supuesto "par" que se vende. Muy mala experiencia de compra. Solicitaré devolución si no lo solucionan en pocos días.
Bosu Sport 50 Balance Trainer Blue
Very high quality
High quality
Finnlo Curved Bar 120 cm (unit)
Great product
Exactly what I needed
O'LIVE Hexagonal Dumbbells 6 kg (pair)
Good quality
They are good quality dumbbells
O'LIVE Hexagonal Dumbbell 12.5 kg
One one delivered! Not good
I ordered and paid (a very high price) for a paid and after waiting 2 weeks for delivery only one was delivered. Not happy. Can’t do much with a single dumbbell
O'LIVE Hexagonal Dumbbells 8 kg (pair)
Top quality, excellent
Would highly recommend to others
adidas Ab Wheel
Will enjoy it
Yes enjoy using it Would suggest to others

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