Wrist & Ankle Weights & Weight Vests

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Do you want to know more about wristbands, anklets and weighted vests?

The wristbands, ankle and weighted vests are accessories that allow to add resistance to sports training in order to optimize performance, strengthen muscle building and, ultimately, improve results. They help give intensity to the exercises, so the heart and lungs work at a good pace, burning more calories, increasing cardiovascular capacity and facilitating toning.

There are different types, with different weights to increase the intensity and get more out of the exercise routine. Some models allow to regulate the weight, since they come with multiple interchangeable packages to adjust them to the evolution of the trainings. They also tend to fit both men and women and are usually one size fits all.

In the case of vests usually incorporate a neoprene padding in the chest and shoulder area for total comfort.

Wristbands and ankle weights are usually adjusted with Velcro and have a nice and soft surface for better contact with the skin and comfort. They are also designed to adapt even with sport clothes on.

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