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The X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 short tights generate a compression effect and at the same time cool you down through material inserted in the sides. The pressure effect is applied to different regions of the leg, such as the upper thigh, which lightens the load on the blood. The cooling sensation is optimised in the coccyx, and the part of the knees are reinforced to help strengthen more precise muscular responses.Features:
- Compression level: high
- Insulation level: light

- Neural Response Effect
Partial compression that affects nerve cells to provide them with a state of readiness that optimises the exchange of neuronal impulses between muscles and the brain. This increases muscle reactions, contractions and coordination, reducing the risk of injury and a feeling of exhaustion.- Two-Step 3D-BionicSphere System
This technology guarantees optimal grip and ideal comfort. The item is reinforced with supporting constructions for more comfort and enables the transport of moisture and heat.- X-Bionic Partial Kompression
Technology that uses the advantages of compression and prevents cooling.

- Aktiv-Bund
The highly elastic ends ensure a perfect fit without being too tight.

- Intercooler

3D construction that collects perspiration from the upper thigh and holds it on the skin so that it can evaporate in the best way. It protects the ribs as it provides insulation.Provides insulation in the most sensitive body parts to stop them getting cold. The ISO-Pad technology helps retain body heat which is necessary for the normal function of internal organs and protects the most vulnerable areas.- HeatTransfer Zone
Optimal heat dissipation.

- Neural Response Bandage
Bandage that exerts selective pressure on the muscle attachment to prepare the receptors and subsequently improve the work of the muscles.

- 3D-Bionic Sphere System
The unique, patented 3D-BionicSphere system conserves significant resources for increased performance. Less energy is spent on regulating body temperature, leaving you with more energy reserves for your workout. The body produces varying amounts of heat in different regions of the body, especially high heat in the chest and back due to the need to protect internal organs. The 3D-BionicSphere system leaves a thin layer of moisture on the skin. SweatTraps technology then transports the excess sweat, allowing it to evaporate, and then gets rid of it through thermal dynamics, leaving only a thin, comfortable layer
Reference: XB-EF-R511S20M-B137

Quick Overview

With these X-Bionic tights, you will improve muscle work through the compression effect, which generates a more precise and effective overall movement.

Quick Overview

With these X-Bionic tights, you will improve muscle work through the compression effect, which generates a more precise and effective overall movement.
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