XSocks is a brand specialized in the manufacture of compression socks. For the practice of running the choice of proper footwear and correct running clothes is very important but, since the feet are the most affected part of the body in this sport, the choice of socks is equally relevant and must be provided special attention.

The compression technology helps improve blood flow, reduce muscle pain and recovery time after hard training. It is highly recommended to use XSocks compression socks to prevent possible injuries and maintain the level of training the next day.

The XSocks socks are made with the most advanced technologies and stand out for having the best ventilation system. Some of them have integrated Traverse AirFlow Channel Systems ventilation channels in the sole and AirCool Stripes ventilation strips on the instep to offer the user a quick drying and constant circulation of fresh air. Others have a revolutionary system based on a metallic fiber with Xitanit brightness capable of efficiently reflecting the heat and transporting sweat drops off the foot. In this way the foot is maintained at all times at a suitable temperature, without humidity, and completely dry.

XSocks socks are designed with the best materials to offer the user a proper cushioning to dissipate the impact and shock waves that occur in each stride. Thus, it is possible to perform medium and long distance races without any problem and in a comfortable and pleasant way.

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