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The Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Scale allows you to measure your body fat ratio at any time so you can choose the right fat burning exercises for your body. The high-precision G-shaped sensor is sensitive enough to detect slight weight changes of up to 50 grams. This means that the Smart Scale can show the weight change even if you only drink a glass of water. With its high-precision data processing chip, the Smart Scale provides metrics on 16 body health indicators based on the basic information you provide, helping you easily understand your overall fitness level. The Smart Scale can measure health data in normal mode or sport mode to provide more accurate measurements for a wider range of users. Thanks to the large 3.4' display, users can access up to eight of the most important body health metrics at a glance. Using the app, users can select their favourite body data to be displayed on the screen from a selection of 14 different body health metrics, making it more convenient and personal to use.

Link the Smart Scale to the Zepp app to calculate calories burned every 30 minutes in each of the 18 supported sports based on previously measured body data, so you can devise a personalized workout plan to strengthen your body. The Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Scale supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. All measured health data is more efficiently and easily synchronized with your mobile phone and the cloud, so you can check it anytime, anywhere.

- G-shaped sensor for detecting small weight changes
- Accurate measurements of 16 body health metrics
- Calculate the calories burned in 18 sports for a personalised exercise plan
- Intuitive health analysis report to show your physical condition
- Standing heart rate and balance ability analysis
- Automatic data synchronization via Wi-Fi + Bluetooth connections
- Attractive design with a large display of customizable content
- Multiple accounts and intuitive features for the whole family
- Large 316 mm x 316 mm x 6 mm panel for extra stability
- Ingenious ITO electrodes for increased measurement accuracy
- Attractive, aurora-coloured gradient design
- Innovative and stylish hidden LCD display. Hidden LCD display is the first of its kind on a body fat scale
- Multiple accounts: Supports 10 accounts, each of which can be used by up to 12 family members
- Intelligent user recognition: Identifies family members sharing the same account for ease of use
- Guest mode: Provides a guest mode and deletes guest data later on

- Body weight: Total body weight
- BMI: Body Mass Index: the proportion of body fat based on the ratio of height to weight
- Degree of body fat: Amount of fat in the body
- Muscle mass: The weight of muscle in the body
- Percentage of body water: The percentage of water in body weight
- Bone mass: Bone tissue content per unit of volume
- Basal metabolism: Basic energy metabolism of the body
- Degree of visceral fat: Type of fat that refers to the adipose tissue that surrounds each organ
- Subcutaneous fat: Fatty tissue stored under the skin
- Skeletal muscle: Determines the body's athletic ability
- Ideal body weight: Determines what your ideal body weight should be
- Physical age: Reflects physical condition
- Change of muscle mass: Changing muscle content in the body over time
- Body score: Scores to assess overall physical health
- Body type: General description and evaluation of body shape
- Disabling body composition measurement: Accurately measure weight gain during pregnancy without current to ensure safety
- Weighing of babies: When you step on the scale with your baby in your arms, your baby's weight is calculated on your phone. This allows you to easily keep track of your baby's growth
Reference: XI-D2003EU1N

Quick Overview

Wi-Fi body composition scale with high-precision measurement of 16 body health metrics.

Quick Overview

Wi-Fi body composition scale with high-precision measurement of 16 body health metrics.
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