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Yeti was founded in 1983 in East Germany, near Berlin. The vision was to create outdoor equipment that would withstand extreme conditions. The focus was on high-quality sleeping bags and on down clothing that provide optimal protection in adverse weather conditions. These fundamental conditions remain an integral component of the Yeti philosophy throughout the product strategy.

Yeti built the first sleeping bags with down and local materials. Soon, the Yeti products were used specifically produced and used for expeditions, such as in the mountains of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Since then, Yeti has maintained this position, and over the years has become synonymous with both the highest quality and exclusivity for outdoor adventurers. Today, it is the leading brand in high-end products including the world's lightest sleeping bag, weighing only 280 grams. Staying true to their roots, all sleeping bags are manufactured in Germany with the dedication of craftsmen with years of experience.

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