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Although the Ziva brand is new to some, it is a brand that is producing high quality fitness material in China since 1997 and that has grown rapidly as a truly global company that is now distributed in more than 30 countries. In addition, Ziva is raising the bar to quality level above current standards of excellence inside and outside of China. At Ziva they are dedicated to the continuous improvement and development of all their products trying to change the way of seeing the fitness industry since for too long no progress has been made in free weight, weight storage and their designs. Ziva is redefining what a gym can and should be to remain competitive. The first priority of Ziva is the functional design since the designs are derived from the function of the product as it can be seen in their free weight discs , cufflinks or medical balls . One of the principles of Ziva is the innovation and creative development that it carries out in the Ziva Design Center (ZDC). Using the information provided by the commercial network, ZDC is able to significantly reduce the development cycle of a product by reducing costs and reducing time to market. Thanks to the proximity of the ZDC to the factories and to the suppliers involved in prototypes and the production of final products, it allows the introduction and rapid promotion of new technologies.

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