Zone3 is one of the most successful brands in the market thanks to the range of products they offer, which have obtained some spectacular reviews, highlighting their comfort, speed, price and innovation. This brand, which offers wetsuits, trisuits, swimsuits, clothes and accessories, started in 2009 after a long process of innovation and development among elite athletes from Loughborough: one of the leading sports research centres in Europe.

Zone3 is a brand that sets the spotlight on the athlete to ensure the customer is getting the product they need. For this, they offer a fantastic collection designed for all types of athletes: from complete beginners to the most professional. Each garment has been carefully designed to maximise customer experience, which is why they have become the best selling brand in the UK and one of the fastest growing brands in Europe.

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Opinions featured in Zone3

Zone3 Aerodome Elite Buoyancy Shorts 5/3 mm Black Red
Very pleased
Qaulity was vg and I would recommend
George, the 12 December 2019
Zone3 100% Natural Anti-Chafing Balm 60g
Works as supposed to
Works, but mainly for chafing, not for easier undressing
Mathilde, the 30 April 2019
Socks Zone3 Neoprene Swim black silver
Seems alright, the strap is WAY to tight. But as the actual sock is very tight too, I have just not used the strap
Mathilde, the 30 April 2019
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