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Nutrition and Recovery are crucial aspects in the field of sport and physical performance, playing an essential role in maintaining health, improving sports performance and preventing injuries. Sports nutrition refers to the intake of food and drink in relation to the caloric demands that depend on our training. It is important to ensure adequate calorie intake to meet your body's energy demands ahead of training or competition. Maintaining adequate hydration before, during and after exercise will help prevent dehydration and maintain optimal physiological functions. The right combination of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats will allow you to achieve all your goals with excellent performance. You may also consider the use of nutritional supplements to help you meet your macronutrients. Recovery is the process of resting and restoring your body after exercise. Prioritising rest and ensuring adequate sleep is critical to the recovery of all the body's muscles and nervous system.

Food Supplements are products designed to supplement the diet and provide additional nutrients to the body with the aim of improving athletic performance and speeding recovery. Supplements can include a variety of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, herbs and other compounds. It is advisable to accompany the use of supplements with a balanced diet and a physical training plan according to your goals and needs.

Hydration plays a vital role in both athletic performance and general health. Maintaining a proper fluid balance is essential for your body's physiological functions and can have a significant impact on exercise performance. During exercise the body produces heat, and perspiration is the primary mechanism for dissipating that heat. Adequate hydration helps maintain body temperature within an optimal range and prevents heat fatigue. Dehydration reduces blood volume, which can decrease blood flow to muscles and limit the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients, negatively affecting performance.

There is a great variety of supplementation products available to suit your sporting needs and personal tastes, with a wide selection of flavours. Protein shake powders are one of the most commonly used supplements to increase protein intake and aid muscle repair and growth. They are usually derived from whey and other dairy products that contain high doses of protein. Energy bars provide quick-release carbohydrates that are converted into energy during exercise, so they are very useful in endurance activities. There is also a liquid version in gel, with the same properties as the energy bars. creatine is a supplement that improves the availability of energy in the muscles, increasing strength and performance during high-intensity exercise. The use of caffeine prior to exercise improves both physical and mental performance, acting directly on fat cells for energy. Finally, multivitamins and minerals ensure an adequate intake of these essential micronutrients for sports performance and overall health.

There are several industry-recognised brands that manufacture high-quality nutritional supplements. PowerBar is a brand known for its energy bars and sports performance-enhancing supplements. NamedSport offers high-quality supplements with performance-enhancing products that aid recovery and hydration. 226ERS specialises in producing supplements for endurance athletes, with energy gels and drinks containing mineral salts and vitamins that keep you well hydrated during exercise.

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