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Do you want to know more about sports nutrition?

Energy drinks and other energy products are vital to not run out of strength in training sessions or in the middle of a competition.

Energy drinks are used by athletes who train or compete for hours as well as long distance runners, cyclists or triathletes, as well as soccer players or tennis players, who need to hydrate to recover water and mineral salts that are lost through perspiration .

When a person is dehydrated, performance decreases and it has been shown that one of the best ways to rehydrate optimally is through energy drinks enriched with carbohydrates and electrolytes.

The reasons to consume this type of drinks instead of drinking only water is, firstly, because energy drinks contain essential electrolytes such as sodium along with carbohydrates and a small amount of protein.

Energy drinks for athletes have been designed to combat fatigue, prevent dehydration and improve performance.

The energy bars provide the exact amount of active nutrients needed to help achieve maximum performance during training or competition. With energy bars you avoid running out of energy or without strength in training sessions or in the middle of a competition. In addition, you get that extra bit of energy that is needed to go faster or to train a little more in the gym.

The energy bars are usually composed of a mixture of carbohydrates, which are the perfect fuel source for the sport. In addition, the ingredients are rapidly metabolized for a very fast release of energy. This release of energy is sustained thanks to the slow release power of oats and the fruits that are usually ingredients of these bars.

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