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The term Urban refers to fashion's focus on the combination of clothing, footwear and accessories. This concept embraces the idea that fashion is not just an aesthetic aspect, but an expression of a person's way of life, values and preferences. Urban in fashion is not just about following trends, but about integrating clothing in a meaningful way into everyday life, reflecting each individual's unique personality, values and preferences.

Urban Clothing encompasses a wide range of products and styles to suit different activities and contexts of everyday life. Casual or urban clothing includes comfortable and relaxed garments such as T-shirts, trousers, sweatshirts and trainers. This type of clothing is ideal for casual activities and leisure time. The T-shirts are an essential part of urban fashion. They can be basic, with graphic prints or brand logos. Trousers are a versatile staple that fits well with a laid-back lifestyle. They can vary in cuts and washes to suit different preferences. Sweatshirts, hooded or hoodless, are comfortable and perfect for a relaxed, casual look.

Urban Footwear has a sporty design that allows you to combine them with both jeans and your workout clothes. Urban footwear is characterised by its comfort, lightness and casual aesthetics. Trainers are a type of footwear designed to provide comfort and foot protection for a variety of activities. Trainers are specifically designed to be worn in more casual, sporting or leisure situations. Boots are another popular type of Urban footwear. Boots offer protection, support and comfort in a variety of situations. Choosing the right boots depends on the specific purpose and individual needs of the wearer. From rugged work boots to stylish fashion boots, there is a wide range of styles and features available to suit a variety of uses, styles, colours and prices. Sandals are a type of urban footwear designed for use in everyday city environments and activities. Sandals are designed to provide comfort and breathability in warm climates and to provide a casual, relaxed style. Sandals are usually made of lightweight, breathable materials, such as synthetic leather and rubber, and usually have a flat sole with good grip.

Urban accessories are key elements to complete and personalise a modern outfit and style. Sunglasses are a classic accessory that can completely change a look. Modern styles range from retro frames to edgier shapes. Functional accessories, such as fashionable and stylish backpacks and bags, are not only practical, but can also elevate the overall style of an outfit.

There are a number of industry-recognised brands that manufacture high-quality fashion and design products. Vans is a brand known for its skate shoes, with a relaxed, youthful style that has been a trend-setter in the fashion world in recent years. Tommy Hilfiger offers classic, timeless fashion with a modern twist. Its nautical designs and iconic colours are instantly recognisable. Levi's is an iconic brand that has a wide range of urban clothing with a high focus on quality and a classic style that has been constantly reinvented.

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