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Triathlon is a sport that combines three different disciplines in a continuous, timed competition. Triathletes must complete successive stages of swimming, cycling and running to finish the triathlon. The competition begins with the swimming phase in open water, usually in a sea, lake or river. Once out of the water the triathletes move on to the cycling phase, where they use a road bike to cover the set distance. The final stage is a running race that ends at the finish line. Triathlon is a challenging sport that requires skills in different disciplines and versatile physical ability. Triathlon events vary in difficulty from local competitions to professional level events and the famous Ironman world championships. The Olympic triathlon features a 1.5-kilometre swim, 40-kilometre bike and 10-kilometre run. The Half Ironman is a 1.9-kilometre swim, 90-kilometre bike ride and 21.1-kilometre run, while the Ironman has an extreme distance of 3.8 kilometres swim, 180 kilometres bike ride and 42.2 kilometres run.

Triathlon material is an important aspect to take into account in order to practise each sport in the right way. One of the most popular options among triathletes is the tri-suit, which combines a tight-fitting swimming costume at the bottom with a cycling jersey at the top. Its main advantage is that it is designed to be worn throughout the triathlon, eliminating the need for clothing changes between disciplines.Race bibs and chip holders are essential accessories that make it easy to identify and track the triathlete during competition. There are other complements such as gloves, sleeves or neoprene socks that offer protection against the cold in the water.

Preparing for a triathlon requires good preparation and a training programme that includes swimming, cycling and running. Before starting any training programme, make an assessment of your fitness level in each discipline. This will help you set realistic goals and tailor your training to your needs. Consistency in training and adaptability to your progress are key. Consult with coaches or sports professionals for personalised guidance. Nutrition is another aspect that affects athletic performance. Triathletes should eat a balanced diet that provides them with the energy needed to successfully complete all three disciplines. Finally, rest is linked to proper recovery to reduce muscle fatigue and prevent any type of injury.

There are several recognised brands in the industry that manufacture high-quality triathlon products. Orca is a leading brand in wetsuits and triathlon clothing. Its products are designed for comfort, flexibility and performance in all three disciplines. 2XU is known for its high-performance compression apparel, but also offers a full line of triathlon products, from wetsuits to cycling and running apparel. TYR is a versatile brand that covers a wide range of water sports, including triathlon. They offer wetsuits, racewear, swim goggles and accessories.

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