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Cycling is a sporting and recreational activity that involves the use of bicycles. It can be practised in different modalities and environments, such as on the road, in the mountains or in the city. Cycling offers physical benefits such as improving cardiovascular health and strengthening muscles, as well as being a sustainable form of transport and a recreational activity that allows people to enjoy the outdoors and explore their environment. What's more, competitive cycling is a prominent part of sporting events worldwide, such as the Tour de France, La Vuelta and the Olympic Games.

A bike is a personal courier vehicle powered by human pedal power. It consists of a frame with two wheels, one front and one rear, a transmission system that connects the pedals to the rear wheel, a handlebar to control the steering and a saddle for the rider. There are different types of bike designed for a specific use and terrain. road bikes are designed for cycling on paved roads. Road bikes are lightweight and aerodynamic, ideal for long, fast rides on asphalt. MTB or mountain bikes are designed for cycling on rough terrain and off-road trails. MTB bikes have front or full suspension, wide tyres and a rugged design. In contrast, urban bikes have a comfortable design, with straight handlebars, mudguards and luggage racks, making them ideal for city commuting or short journeys. The City bikes are designed to be comfortable, with straight handlebars, mudguards and pannier racks, making them ideal for city commuting or short journeys.

Cycling Accessories are accessories that cyclists add to their bikes to enhance the experience and ensure comfort, safety and performance. The choice of each accessory will depend on the type of cycling you practise, your personal needs and the environment in which you ride your bike. Each accessory has a specific purpose to enhance your cycling experience and safety. Bike lights are lighting devices that improve a cyclist's visibility in low light or dark conditions. Lights are essential for the safety of the cyclist and other road users. Front lights are mounted on the handlebars of your bike and allow you to see any obstacles or hazards on the road.Rear lights are mounted on the saddle or frame of the bike so that the rider can be seen from behind, reducing the risk of rear-end collisions with vehicles approaching the bike.

Cycling Clothing is specifically designed to provide comfort and performance. Its fabric is usually made from breathable and stretchy materials that allow the rider to move freely and regulate their body temperature. jerseys are a fundamental garment that covers the cyclist's torso and have a fitted design to meet all the needs of the athlete. While bib shorts are a garment that protects the lower torso from the vibrations and impacts coming from the saddle, as well as relieves pressure on the prostate area.

At Deporvillage you will find a wide range of products from the best cycling brands. Shimano is a pioneer in the manufacture of high-quality bike components. Shimano is known for its wide range of bike components, including derailleurs, brakes, cranks, pedals, chains and much more. Castelli is an Italian cycling equipment brand that has earned a prestigious place in the cycling world for its commitment to innovation, quality and passion for the discipline for over 100 years. Castelli revolutionised the design of cycling apparel, introducing innovations such as padded chamois pads on cycling shorts and the first lycra in the 1970s. Alé has earned a reputation for offering high-quality cycling gear that combines technical innovation, distinctive style and exceptional performance. Choosing the right apparel plays a critical role in both performance and rider experience. Alé's dedication to craftsmanship and technical excellence has contributed to its steady growth and worldwide recognition.

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