By accessing and using this Website, the user consents to the use of cookies by DEPORVILLAGE. Cookies are small data files which store and recover information about the user’s browsing habits. The information obtained is related to, for example, the number of pages visited, the language, where the page is being accessed from, the number of new users, the frequency of return visits, the duration of the visit, the browser or device which is eing used to access the website or app.

More specifically, the user consents to DEPORVILLAGE using the following cookies:

According to the entity who manages them:

•  First Party Cookies: are sent to the user’s server from a browser managed by DEPORVILLAGE.

•  Third Party Cookies: are sent to the user’s server from a browser managed by another company which handles the information obtained through cookies.


According to the expiration time:

•  Session Cookies: gather and store information while the user accesses the Website.

•  Persistent Cookies: gather information stored on the server and are accessed and dealt with during the defined period.


According to the purpose:

•  Technical Cookies: allow users to browse the Website and use different services (for example, controlling traffic, communicating data, completing the purchasing process of an order, etc.)

•  Profiling Cookies: allow the service to be accessed according to predetermined characteristics (for example, language, type of browser, etc.)

•  Analysis Cookies: allow user behaviour to be tracked and analysed (for example, the measuring of web activity, the creation of user profiles, etc.)

•  Advertising Cookies: allow advertising areas to be managed and information to be stored about user behaviour through continuous observation of browsing habits which identifies specific profiles to target advertising.

The user can set their browser to allow or deny, by default, all cookies or to receive a warning for each cookie that is sent to their browser so they can decide if they want to allow or deny them at that time. Processes for blocking or deleting cookies differ from one internet browser to another, so the user must refer to the instructions provided by the internet browser, such as those outlined as follows:

Internet Explorer Cookies Settings

Firefox Cookies Settings

Google Chrome Cookies Settings

Safari Cookies Settings

Opera Cookies Settings


These browsers are subject to updates or modifications; therefore, we cannot guarantee that these guidelines fit exactly with the version of the browser being used.


If the user wishes to deny the use of cookies, they can continue using the Website, but they may have limited access to certain services. If the user continues browsing the Website without declining authorisation it means they accept the use of cookies by DEPORVILLAGE. For any other questions related to the use of cookies, you can send a written enquiry by email to

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