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Swimming is an aquatic sport that involves the movement of a person through water by means of body movement of the limbs. Swimming is a sport that provides numerous health benefits and is accessible to people of all ages and different levels of ability. Swimming improves cardiovascular endurance and strengthens muscles throughout the body, making it one of the most effective exercises for burning calories and losing weight. What's more, being in an aquatic environment, practising it has minimal impact on the joints, which is ideal for people with joint problems or for athletes who need to do rehabilitation to recover from an injury.

Pool Equipment refers to the clothing and accessories necessary to practise swimming. Swimming pool equipment is essential to ensure the comfort, safety and fun of those who participate in aquatic activities. Swimwear is a garment that is designed to be worn in the water, providing adequate coverage and optimal freedom of movement. Swimming goggles protect the eyes from chlorine and water, while allowing clear vision underwater. Swimming goggles are an essential element to avoid eye irritation. Swimming flip-flops or footwear is a mandatory safety and hygiene item in all swimming pools. Flip-flops protect the feet from the wet floor, avoiding slips and infection from bacteria and fungus in the feet. Finally, a towel is used to dry off when you get out of the water, when you have finished your training session. The pool towels are usually more absorbent than conventional towels.

Training accessories are additional items that swimmers use to improve their performance, develop specific skills or ensure their safety and comfort in the water. One of the most common accessories are fins, which increase speed and leg strength while improving kick technique. The pullbuoys are another training accessory that is placed between the legs to limit their movement and focus on stroke technique and upper body trunk movement. The paddles are placed in the hands to increase water resistance and develop arm strength. Other accessories such as ear plugs and nose clips offer protection from the water.

Beyond swimming, there are a wide variety of water activities that offer you new underwater experiences. The scuba diving allows you to dive into the water to explore the underwater environment, with specific equipment to ensure safety and comfort, such as air tanks. In contrast, snorkelling uses a mask and snorkel to breathe at the surface. open water sports take place in open places such as seas, lakes or rivers. These sports offer the opportunity to enjoy the natural environment and often involve additional challenges compared to water-based activities in more controlled environments.

There are a number of electronic devices designed specifically to enhance the swimming experience, track performance and provide useful information to swimmers. Waterproof smartwatches allow athletes to track and trace time, distance and other metrics of interest. Performance sensors are electronic devices that are placed on the body or on swimming equipment to collect data on technique, efficiency and other aspects of performance in the water. Underwater cameras capture images and videos of your swimming experience.

There are several industry-recognised brands that manufacture high-quality swimming products. Speedo is one of the most iconic brands in the swimming world, with a wide range of swimwear, goggles, caps and swimming accessories. Arena stands out for its innovations in swimwear and swimming equipment. It offers a variety of products designed to enhance performance in the water. TYR is known for its high-performance and durable products. Its swimming costumes and swim gear are designed for both elite competitors and amateur swimmers alike. Their swimming costumes and swim gear are designed for both elite competitors and amateur swimmers alike.

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