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Rock Shox is a brand specialising in the manufacture of cycling products. Their shock absorbers and forks stand out for their high quality and optimal results.

Rock Shox shock absorbers are the most demanded cycling components on the market due to their excellent materials and innovative technology. They use a hydraulic piston and a compression adjustment. Rear shocks provide the bike with suspension and are used to better absorb the impact of the wheels of the bicycle with the terrain, especially in downhill or mountain biking. Rock Shox rear shocks provide more safety and control over the bike and allow the cyclist to make longer trips comfortably.

The Rock Shox forks stand out for using the most advanced technologies. In general, they are designed with Solo Air and PushLoc technology. The first consists of using two air chambers, one positive and one negative, and a single valve to inflate both simultaneously and includes a shock absorber. The second is based on a new remote control with MMX integration for cleaner and safer riding.

Although similar systems may appear, shock absorbers and forks do not have the same functions. The forks hold the handlebar and the front wheel, while the rear shocks absorb shock and cushion them, as their name suggests. Some forks can have a built in shock absorber to ensure a better balance.

Opinions featured in RockShox

RockShox 30 Silver TK 26" COIL 100mm QR 1 1/8 V-Brake 2018 Suspension Fork
Great Budget forks
Very good forks,I would recommend them for riders that's not going to go mad off-road
RockShox 30 Silver TK 26" COIL 100mm QR 1 1/8 V-Brake 2018 Suspension Fork
Looks good
Only used once so far but seams good quality and looks good as part of my bike

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