Victory Endurance Energy Boost Gel Orange 42g (1 Pack)

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Victory Endurance Energy Boost Gel with complex and simple carbohydrates, amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins for energy during exercise. Reduces muscle cramps due to immediate replacement of electrolytes lost during exercise. Provided in an ergonomic package that's perfect for carrying with you and using. 

Victory Endurance Energy Boost Gel composition:
- Carbo Optimum Complex: A mix of simple and complex carbohydrates that facilitate energy absorption and use in the cells. Medium and long-lasting energy 
- Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs): Essential amino acids for muscle recovery and growth. They also combat the feeling of tiredness and central fatigue caused by an imbalance in the concentration of BCAAs and tryptophan.
- L-Arginine: Amino acid that improves removal of toxins generated during intense sports. 
- Taurine: Amino acid that improves osmoregulation processes, fundamental in endurance sports. Improves the assimilation of the rest of the nutrients. 
- Electrolytes: In resistance sports, they re-establish the electrolytic balance in cells which is fundamental for good muscle response. The most important are:
- Potassium: Important for glucose transport to muscle cells.
- Magnesium: Part of more than 300 enzymes, related to the transmission of nerve impulse, muscle contraction and ATP production (energy molecule).
- Sodium and chlorine Fundamental for the correct regulation of water balance.
- Vitamins B6 and B1: Important in protein metabolism and carbohydrates respectively.

For resistance sports, take one gel every 45 minutes of intense exercise.
Reference: WVE-103505-1

Quick Overview

Advanced formula for energy during exercise. Ergonomic packaging.

Quick Overview

Advanced formula for energy during exercise. Ergonomic packaging.
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