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People have been talking about functional clothing for decades. Most manufacturers find great words to describe the limited progress made in the textile sector. The right concept for customers with aspirations had not yet been discovered when in the year 2000, X-Bionic was the first company to deeply address certain basic questions and adopt a very scientific approach. How can fabric help athletes use their energy resources more efficiently? In the beginning, a revolutionary functional sock was introduced and then an innovative jacket came. As with evolution, the development progressed and the patents that X-Bionic accumulated increased. And long-held beliefs about functional clothing ended up in the trash due to obsolete myths. Instead of bulky socks, socks with anatomical shape and multifunctional construction were introduced. In place of sweat-absorbing materials, unique membranes were introduced that return energy to the body instead of absorbing it. X-Bionic engineers make use of research in high technology and innovative materials. No detail is superfluous, each fibre has a function. And each product is a sophisticated construction that is integrated into the body perfectly in its sports environment. The X-Bionic kit along with the X-Socks stand out in the equipment to beat today for the most demanding. Always 37º, dry, without odour or chafing, bacteria, ... come on, 100% comfort, which causes your metabolism to give the best of itself, unconcerning itself with temperature control.
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Opinions featured in X Bionic

X-Bionic ML Energy Accumulator 4.0 Long Sleeve High Neck Top Black Grey
high quality
high quality
Jacek, the 12 March 2020
X-Bionic Energy Accumulator 4.0 3/4 Length Tights Grey
high quality
high quality
Jacek, the 12 March 2020
X-Bionic Sky Run Two Socks Black
The best you can get
I love these sock!
Jason, the 6 December 2019
Long Mesh X-Bionic Energy Accumulator Evo Melange blue white
Great base layer
Just what I needed - mid compression, warm, but breatheable. Well made.
Brian, the 21 March 2019
X-Bionic Energy Accumulator Evo Melange Long Sleeve T-Shirt Grey
Very good - strong compression
Seems very compressed, but I adjust to it after being on for a bit. Otherwise, excellently made. Depends what you want. Breathes well.
Brian, the 21 March 2019
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