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T-shirt X-Bionic Energy Accumulator Shirt Round Neck long sleeve black orange


X Bionic

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T-shirt X-Bionic Energy Accumulator Shirt Round Neck long sleeve that is a first layer that is responsible for ensuring heat when it is cold and vice versa, cold when it is hot. This thermoregulatory feature is unique in the market and allows the athlete to use all their energy in the execution of the exercise, optimizing muscle performance and increasing the sense of comfort by maintaining a uniform temperature of 37 degrees in all cases. In addition, its compression principle promotes muscle performance and blood circulation.

The operation is very simple. The thermal scanners reveal areas with excess heat and areas with lack thereof. To optimize the use of this energy, the AirConditioning Channel have been created, which transport this excess heat to cooler areas (for example, from the armpits to the lumbar areas). In addition, the 3D BionicSphere system on the chest with its large dimension gives the athlete a sense of comfort because it cools it during exercise and heats it during recovery., Which are a series of aeration channels originated through hollow stitches in tension, which allows the fibers in contact with the body to collect the heat and transfer it to the fibers in suspension for the purpose of evaporation.

Features X-Bionic Energy Accumulator Shirt Long Sleeves Round Neck:

The garments are usually very tight in the shoulder area. If we add to this the effect of the wind and the weight of the rain, the garments are stuck to the body, which is a door open to the cold. ISO-Shoulders forms an insulating layer to keep the cold on the outside as the soft undulating structure of its material allows the channels to remain open so that they continue to create enough space to store warm air. It is an excellent protection against the cold for upper body garments.

3D BionicSphere System
The 3D BionicSphere system on the chest with its large dimension gives the athlete a feeling of comfort because it refreshes during exercise and warms during recovery.

AirConditioning Channel
Physiological studies show that the chest area is an optimal area for effective ventilation and cooling. The sweat evaporates and is pushed outwards with the help of body heat without risk of cooling. In addition to the chest these AirConditioning Channel are also presented in the lower area of ??the back, a region that is normally accessible for the circulation of fresh air.

Designed for the axillary zones, SweatTraps allow transpiration from the first moment thanks to the use of convection properties of heat for its evacuation.

The knitted fabric is folded like an accordion so that the cold of winter does not cool the elbow. Even when it is bent abruptly, the insulating effect is maintained through the hot air stored inside. The flexibility of the ExpansionRibs and the elasticity of the thread allow total freedom of movement without friction. Even in sports with a continuous movement of the arms, such as the Nordic Walking, there is no symptom of exhaustion of the musculature.
Reference: XB-I020093-B078
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"Elite athletes use 97% of their energy to keep the temperature of their body at moderate levels. That's where X-Bionic comes in with its extraordinary high-performance jersey."
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