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Triathlon Swimwear

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Do you want to know more about triathlon swimsuits?

The triathlon swimsuits are designed with the aim of increasing the speed, comfort and flexibility of the swimmers in their regular training or competitions.

Thanks to its latest generation materials, these swimsuits protect and insulate against the cold conditions of the open sea with the necessary comfort to ensure maximum precision and speed.

There are many types of swimsuits for swimming but basically we could divide them into two large groups: swimsuits and swimsuits to compete. The triathlon swimsuit for training or competition has to be first of all comfortable, to allow the arms and legs to move comfortably, lightly and of course to be adjusted so that the friction with the water is as minimal as possible.

The elasticity of the fabric has great importance because it will prevent wrinkles by facilitating the sliding of the water. Unlike swimming swimsuits, it is almost essential for women that it reaches well above the chest to prevent water from passing between the swimsuit and the skin. This also ensures that it remains in place after an exit or a turn.

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