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Top Sellers Cycling Legwear

Cycling Legwear

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Bib Shorts are garments specially designed to provide comfort and protection to the cyclist during bike rides. Bib shorts have a close-fitting design that helps to reduce chafing or friction during pedalling. There are a wide range of bib shorts available to choose from depending on your cycling style and personal taste. Most bib shorts have built-in straps that are placed over the shoulders to keep the garment in place at all times, but there are also strapless . The choice between bib shorts or bib tights will depend on the weather conditions at your location, cycling style and personal taste.

The chamois is one of the most distinctive elements of bib shorts. This cushioned pad is designed to provide an additional layer of cushioning and protection in the seat area, helping to reduce discomfort and friction during long rides. It is advisable not to wear underwear for which the pad and your skin are in direct contact. Any intermediate garment may cause irritation or small wounds in the affected area.

Bib shorts can be made from a wide variety of technical materials with the aim of providing comfort, performance and durability. Stretch materials such as lycra or elastane are very common in the construction of cycling shorts. The wind resistance is another very important feature to consider when choosing cycling bib shorts. Some bib shorts may be made with windproof fabrics on the front to reduce wind resistance and keep you warm in cold conditions.

Choosing the right size and the optimal fit of bib shorts is essential to ensure comfort and performance while cycling. It is important to consult the manufacturer's size guide to find out which size best fits your body. Bib shorts come in different fit styles: tight, snug or relaxed. Choose the style that is most comfortable for you and suits your type of cycling. road cyclists tend to prefer a tighter, more streamlined fit, while mountain bikers may opt for a more relaxed fit.

There are several brands recognised in the cycling industry that manufacture high-quality bib shorts. Castelli is an Italian brand known for its focus on innovation and quality that offers a wide range of high-performance cycling shorts for road and mountain bikers. Assos is another renowned brand that stands out for its attention to detail and the quality of its products. Their bib shorts are characterised by their comfort and durability. Gore Wear specialises in technical clothing for outdoor sports, including cycling. Their bib shorts are appreciated for their functional and durable design.

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